Objectives of Ecology

Ecology is a distinct science because it is a body of knowledge not similarly organized in any other division of biology; because it uses a special set of techniques and procedures; and because it has a unique point of view. The essence of this science is a comprehensive understanding of the import of these phenomena:

1. The local and geographic distribution and abundance of organisms (habitat, niche, community, biogeography).

2. Temporal changes in the occurrence, abundance, and activities of organisms (seasonal, annual, successional, geological).

3. The interrelations hips between organisms in populations and communities (population ecology).

4. The structural adaptations and functional adjustments of organisms to their physical environment (physiological ecology).

5. The behaviour of organisms under natural conditions (ethology).

6. The evolutionary development of all these interrelations (evolutionary ecology).

7. The biological productivity of nature and how this may best serve mankind (ecosystem ecology).

8. The development of mathematical models to relate interaction of parameters and predict effects (systems analysis).

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