Parasitology Fixative: Schaudinn’s fixative

Add mercuric chloride to the water and place in a water bath, preferably in an extraction hood, until it is dissolved. Allow to cool and form crystals.

* Health hazard – POISON, harmful by ingestion and skin contact. Danger of cumulative effects. Irritating to eyes and skin.

Stock solution

Saturated mercuric chloride = 600 ml.
95% ethyl alcohol = 300 ml.


Add 5 ml. glacial acetic acid to 95 ml of the stock solution. Prepare faecal smears without allowing the smears to dry and place them immediately in Schaudinn’s fixative for 1 hour. The reagents used in the preparation of this fixative are hazardous and should be handled with care.

The working reagents should be prepared fresh for use. This fixative is particularly good for making permanent stained faecal smears of protozoan trophozoites.

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